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Bluetooth module HC-06

If you want to rename the device, change it''''''''''''''''s name of the baud rate, you need to connect it tu the USB2Serial adapter and use a terminel (e.g. the Arduino IDE) to runn the following AT commands on it. The standard baud rate is 9600.

Pay attention to the fact, that the USB2Serial adapter only can do up to 230400 baud. I tried to set the rate to 921600 and did not get any access to the HC-06 either via the Arduino IDE nor via any other Terminal emulator. In that case, the easiers way is to write a little Arduino script that executes the AT commands right on the serial interface. Nevertheless you need to add a delay of a least a second after each command and the read the response. The HC-06 only executes it after around a second. Also notice that there must not be any or character added, so just use a simple "Serial.print(...)" command.

Command Response Comment Baudrate Arduino
AT OK Does nothing!  
AT+VERSION OKlinvorV1.5 The firmware version  
AT+NAMExyz OKsetname Sets the module name to "xyz"  
AT+PIN1234 OKsetPIN Sets the module PIN to 1234  
AT+BAUD1 OK1200 Sets the baud rate to 1200  1200
AT+BAUD2 OK2400 Sets the baud rate to 2400  2400
AT+BAUD3 OK4800 Sets the baud rate to 4800  4800
AT+BAUD4 OK9600 Sets the baud rate to 9600  9600
AT+BAUD5 OK19200 Sets the baud rate to 19200  19200
AT+BAUD6 OK38400 Sets the baud rate to 38400  38400
AT+BAUD7 OK57600 Sets the baud rate to 57600  57600
AT+BAUD8 OK115200 Sets the baud rate to 115200  115200
AT+BAUD9 OK230400 Sets the baud rate to 230400  230400
AT+BAUDA OK460800 Sets the baud rate to 460800  460800
AT+BAUDB OK921600 Sets the baud rate to 921600 864000
AT+BAUDC OK1382400 Sets the baud rate to 1382400 1311600


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